Marysville Yoga will discontinue yoga instruction through Marysville WA Parks and Recreation effective August 17th 2013. Please note that the Instructor’s love for yoga and fitness continues. Namaste

Basic yoga students at Marysville Yoga WA recite the 8 limbs and 4 paths of yoga

Basic Yoga 2013 studentsBasic Yoga students at Marysville Yoga recited the “8 limbs of Yoga” and the “4 Paths of Yoga”. 

The students started the class  standing  in Tadasana, mountain pose, while centering their minds and listening to their body concentrating on breath.  Followed, with a gentle  warming up of shrugs; arms and  circles; side bends, then progressed to chair flow with arm circles.

After this warm up and centering  we paused,  setting our  intentions.  We also listened to the sound and meaning of “OM”. 

Interestingly, I had a student who wanted to strengthen her hamstrings.  Therefore, in this class we used fitness straps,  blending mountain pose with half-lift pose (what I call monkey).   We practiced this pose without the strap; with a loose strap and lastly we used a strap that had some tension.  It was similar to a  gentle dead lift— yoga style.


Standing poses: Warrior one, Warrior two, Triangle,  High lunge

Floor poses:  Low lunge with a twist,

Balance pose: Eagle, Tree and Half Moon

2 Combinations:  1) Warrior two, Triangle and Half Moon, near the wall 

 2) Warrior three with arms on a wall; having legs do circles

Back and Core: ab crunches, upper thoracic curls, obliques

Finishing poses: simple supine twist, double leg stretch, one leg stretch,  single leg stretch over the body

Happy Baby

Restorative: Bridge with a block under hips

Homework: 10 reps min: 10 repetitions on any  abdominal  exercise a day 


Basic yoga students

 Susan Basic Yoga 01262013 at MY

Rhonda Warrior Two Basic Yoga 1262013Kathleen Basic Yoga 01262013 @ MYMarya prepping for half moon pose having fun 01262013 at MYEmily Warrior Two Basic Yoga 01232013 at MYThe group

Marysville Yoga

Marysville Yoga

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Basic Beginners Class 1

Marysville Yoga

A growing yoga community for healthy living

Basic Beginning yoga: 1 hr Saturday 1-5-2013

@ Ken Baxter Community Center

Postures and Breathing practice

Iyengar style

  One pose at a time/3 times each side usually


2 gentle flows

Pranayama included: 

Three part breath

               Even breath with movement


Asanas practice


Three bells ring

for you, others and the community

Sutra:  1.1  Yogas‘  Citta Vrtti Niradhah

Let us begin the Practice of Yoga 


Cross legged sit position against a wall with blanket (tailor style)

Corpse pose (Savasana) for three part breath practice

Invocation: Teacher Student Prayer

Special Intention:  Example:  be present by listening to one’s breath

Warm up

 Practice of getting up from floor using traditional right side

Shoulder circles to arm extensions to lateral side stretches.

Standing  Tadasana/standing in alignment from head to foot the best you can

– foundation from head to feet

-energize of leg muscles

-alignment of spine crown to tail bone

Extended arms in Tadasana

-practice with  strap 3 times

-opens chest

Tadasana with block held in two positions between thighs

-to ignite inner thigh muscles up and back

-lift arches, center feet, think of pinkie pressing too

Extended arms in Tadasana with block between legs

-three times

Work Phase

Standing Poses:  Extended arms in Tadasana to Uttanasana (forward fold) to ½ forward fold (monkey)

– lift and lower  and then lift to ½ lift then lower,  then up all the way to Tadasana-three times

-hands on thighs to calves- (on the way down) for safety, option to go to floor  or block

-consider bent knees, long back

-(on the way up) engage abdominals; bent knees, place hands on thighs, to hips

-lifted upper body, engage shoulder blades to back, arms solid in joint, abs in.

-lift to Tadasana

Triangle, Utthitha Trikonasana

-three times each side

-turn to center of mat

-jump/walk feet out 3 to 3.5 feet

-your comfortable position at first

-feet in Warrior 2 alignment, lead foot heal to arch of back foot

– front foot facing forward as in 12 o’clock – front of mat,

-back foot parallel to back of mat.

Warrior one

-Feet  3 feet apart or comportable, back foot at angle

feet wheel to wheel or wider for balance

face toward front let, bend front knee,

breath  3-5 even breaths

arms at hips, or parallel to the ground or where comfortable

arms close to ears if accessible

Warrior Two

feet distance 3 3.5 feet apart

front foot and knee parallet to sides of mat, back foot parallel to back of mat

heel to arch position

open body to side of mat, gentle on front knee  and both hips, observe

arms stretched out in line with legs,  or on hips or in gold post

spine in your neutral

3-5 even breaths looking for ease and comfort and steady breath

Balance poses:    Tree pose Vrkasana

-three times near wall with one foot on floor or shin or inner thigh, or ground-lifting when accessible, eyes open, hands prayer position

Warrior Flow: Warrior Flow Modified

warrior two — reverse warrior– warrior two– triangle– warrior two– standing straddle– down dog–child pose

1-3 times each, you decide

Arm Balance FlowPrep for four limb staff pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)

child’s pose, to knee plank, to child pose

-3-5 times, depending on wrists

Wrist option: fists

Static hold in knee plank to build strength in the shoulders and abdominals after the flow

Floor poses:

Cobbler, Supta Buddha Konasana, butterfly

Staff pose to seated forward fold/Dandasana

Staff pose, twist

Inversion:  Bridge  (Sutu Banda Sarvangasana)

Prep for Relaxation: Modified Reclining SpinalTwist

Relaxation:  Resting Pose, Savasana






Being our true self

As December 2012 comes to a close

take a moment or two for reflection.

How do you feel emotionally, physically, mentally?

In yoga classes we often stand in Tadasana

with Namaste Hands bowing to our inner strength.

This inner self drives us to be the best we can for that moment.

This means letting go of judgment, expectation, or attitude.

It means to release the tension from our ego,

calm our minds,


be thankful for our life, our breath, our presence on this earth.

Every year  we select New Year’s Resolutions.

It is estimated 50% of the people will drop out by the end of January

 and 60% will not make it to the entire year.

    Practice and consistancy  will lead to sucess.



Marysville yoga opens

We at Marysville Yoga have great hopes that more individuals become aware of the benefits of regular practice of yoga; thereby, growing a community of yogis for healthy living.  Classes available presently are as follows:

  • Senior stretch yoga at Ken Baxter Community Center, 10:15 AM, Tuesdays, 514 Delta Ave
  • Basic beginner’s at Ken Baxter Community Center, 9:00 AM, Saturdays, 514 Delta Ave
  • Yoga for Relaxation at Ken Baxter Community Center,  5:30 PM, Wednesdays, 514 Delta Ave
  • Power yoga at Ken Baxter Community Center,  10:15 AM,  Saturdays, 514 Delta Ave
  • Yoga at the Barn for advanced beginners to intermediate students, 5: 30 to 6: 30 PM, Tuesday-Thursday, Jenning Park  6915 Armar Road


Sign up through Marysville Parks and Recreation:

6915 Armar Road
(360) 363-8400marysville_2005_logo 1