Course Resources
  Course Units
  1. Lab Technique & Moles
  2. Chemical Formulas
  3. Stoichiometry
  4. Gases and Kinetics
  5. Energy of Reactions
  6. Equilibrium
  7. Acids and Bases
  8. Redox
  9. Atomic Structure & PT
  10. Bonding
  11. Analytical Organic
  12. Organic Reactions
  13. Environmental Chemistry
  14. Biochemistry


Environmental Chemistry

What you should learn:

Human activities involve intensive use of limited resources found in air, water and soil. Many of these activities produce waste products that build up in the environment to produce pollution with increasingly local and global effects. An understanding of this impact is essential within and beyond the study of chemistry. This option has many opportunities for discussing aim 8 issues and the international dimension.


Unit Objectives (use tabs at bottom to switch between units)

Lecture Notes:




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