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  Course Units
  1. Intro to AP Chem
  2. Chemical Formulas
  3. Stoichiometry
  4. Reactions
  5. Gases and Kinetics
  6. Equilibrium and Solubility
  7. Acids and Bases
  8. Atomic Structure & PT
  9. Bonding
  10. Thermodynamics
  11. Electrochemistry



Guiding Questions:

  • How do batteries work?
  • What makes a battery rechargeable?
  • What makes rechargeable batteries "less rechargeable" after awhile?
  • What is the difference between all the kinds of batteries?

What you should learn:

  1. Aim 8: The Industrial Revolution was the consequence of the mass production of iron by a reduction process. However, iron spontaneously reverts back to an oxidized form. What price do we continue to pay in terms of energy and waste for choosing a metal so prone to oxidation and why was it chosen?

  2. Controlling the movement of electrons allows one to do useful work (e.g. electricity).
  3. Potential energy of a given element depends on atomic structure.


Unit Objectives (use tabs at bottom to switch between units)

Lecture Notes:




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