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I became a teacher 13 years ago becuase I wanted to have a meaningful impact. It turns out that learning how people learn is fascinating! I love designing curriculum! I love thinking about how to engage students, how to organize the concepts in a way that will build on prior skills. I love thinking up new test questions that are different than how I've presented the material in class but would show student's ability to apply the information. I love getting to know kid's learning styles and adapting my approach to them. I love trying out new strategies for reaching students. I've been doing that since the beginning. Here's some of the best.

  • Inquiry & Constructivism
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Standards Based Grading & Mastery Based Learning

As I've used new strategies over the years I've come to accept the enormous amount of time it takes to commit and use these strategies or to develop a new course.

Yet I have always felt that if I just had the right system, things could be more streamlined, faster, I could spend my time more effetively. And I wonder, can we make adopting new systems and methods easier for teachers?

So I decided to learn to code so I could build the systems myself. I started with Code Academy to review all that coding stuff I did before I was a teacher. I learned a little HTML, CSS and Javascript, but it wasn't until I took a course from Skillcrush and had to build a responsive site from scratch that I really got a solid grasp of HTML and CSS. It wasn't until I got stuck on chapter 6 of Eloquent Javascript and went looking for help that I found Gordon Zhu's Watch and Code that I was able to actually build something with Javascript. So much became so clear after the first free lessons and even more when I built my own todo app (even if a puppy had to suffer).

At this point, I realized that I needed a team. The jobs that need to be done are big and there are amazing companies out there doing the hard and important work of improving teaching and learning. So I will keep learning and join one someday!


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