Brain Teaser

You are stranded in a land with only two big cities. Knightville is populated only by Knights and Liarville is populated only by liars. Naturally you wish to get to Knightville, where you hope to find help. During your travels you meet a resident of these parts who must have come from one of the two cities, but you do not know which. With one simple question, how do you find out what direction Knightville is in?




Welcome! You've reached Ms. Wiseman's homepage for her 2012-13 HB-Woodlawn courses (and her old GMHS courses).

This year, I'm teaching 1 section of AP Chemistry and 4 sections of first year Chemistry. Use the links below to access information and assignments for each course.

Chemistry is an essential course for becoming a scientifically literate citizen. While learning about the physical world at the molecular level you will also develop your reasoning, your analytical skills and your independent learning abilities. This course will also prepare you to take the Virginia SOL Chemistry exam during the spring.


AP Chemistry
Advanced Placement Chemistry is similar in content to a high-level first year college chemistry course. It prepares you for the AP exam by deepening your understanding of chemical principles, your ability to apply mathematics to describe molecular level phenomenon, and your ability to draw conclusions from and evaluate the limitations of experimental data.




  Periodic Table (Online)


  Periodic Table (To Print)


  Equation Sheet


  Ion Sheet


  Create A Graph


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