Hi. I'm Maggie

I am passionate about creating amazing lessons and activities that help students visualize and construct an understanding of scientific principles. There is a need for more technology based solutions to teaching content, getting students to ask their own questions, increased collaboration, interdisciplinary work, differentiation, and assessment strategies that help students self-assess and set goals to personalize their learning. And I am on a mission to build them.

Courses I Teach

AP Chemistry Chemistry IB SL/HL Chemistry

Web Development Projects

Rails App Front End

Working with an Application Framework

I designed and implemented the look and feel for a Ruby on Rails web application for Amazon Web Service customers to search their flow log data. I installed a Bootstrap gem in the Rails app, customized it with SCSS and designed a logo using Adobe Illustrator. We went with the DataTables.net jQuery library to aid in presenting the table. I added key functionality using JavaScript and jQuery to customize searching.

To-do List App

Using Javascript & jQuery to build a to-do list application

I studied the jQuery example on TodoMVC and then rebuilt it on my own. I also wrote my own HTML and CSS for this app.

Mock Music Site

Building a Responsive Website from Scratch

I hand-coded, starting from only the HTML5 Boilerplate, a mock music blog from Photoshop PSD files. This involved creating the HTML structure as well as an organized css file that would work across multiple pages and browsers. The site is responsive; media queries were utilized to adjust the presentation for mobile, tablet and desktops according to the Photoshop design.

Magic 8 Ball

jQuery App Utilizing Mobile Shake Feature

This was the perfect opportunity to practice HTML, CSS, and a litte JS and jQuery to make a simple and fun app I could share with family and friends. To make it more authentic I added the ability to shake your mobile device to get a new answer. Graphics are all done with CSS.